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ServerSafe is a complex, but easy to use Discord Utility/Moderation bot that focuses on bringing all of your favorite commands to one bot and offering a highly customizable command system.
Also features auto-moderation, administration, music and much more!

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Features of Bot
We provide you the best features in Discord Bots!
50+ Moderation Commands

A variety of commands for each and every situation.

Sophisticated Customization Features

Everything is highly customizable for your and your community's needs.

Advanced Automod

Get rid of those pesky spammers with a highly customizable and reliable auto-moderation system


Years In Development


Staff Members/Developers


Months Until Full Release

ServerSafe is hosted on a reliable, virtual server with over 16gb of ram, 6 CPU cores
and constant monitoring systems, automated scripts in case of failure
as well as standby developers to
fix any issues that may occur.

You can depend on us in times of panic.

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