About us


What makes us special?

Founded in 2018, we had one goal.

To offer a constantly updated, highly sophistcated Discord Moderation Bot to suit your needs. Our bot focuses on just Moderation and Utility, meaning that each command is highly customizable for your community. With 24/7 uptime, and reliable hosting, you can trust ServerSafe to assist with all of your moderation needs. In the beginning, ServerSafe was going to be called MasterLock, though with that came some copyright and trademark issues, and in all honesty, didn't really match what we were going for. After over 2.5 years, we're proud to announce the opening of our beta program where you can sign up to be one of the first users to test the bot.

Meet The Team


Founder & Lead Developer


Co-Founder, Lead Developer & Server Admin

Nacho Boi#4211

Website Developer

Why us?

It's simple...

We have the image of combining all your favorite utility, moderation and fun bots into one. ServerSafe will be focued on Utility & Moderation, but will offer tons of different modules for your Discord Server. One thing we believe is extremely important is customization. Our bot is built from the ground up to be entirely customizable to suit whatever your need may be. Almost every command and feature can be customized to change how it works for